Friday, December 9, 2011

Cupped to the roaster

Fresh Roast SR 500, a typical hot air blower roaster,
where coffee green beans are blown to 'cooked'.
This is a very good design roaster, off which using simple heating element that generated up to 220c degree of hot air blowing green beans to roasted beans.

Hot-top Roaster, a heater roaster using iron bar to heat up temperature and sending out heat wave to 'cook' green beans.
Green coffee beans are roasted by its heated air/wave, baked, partially through the contact to the surface of its metal drum.

Direct fire roaster, in which flame is burning drum directly under.
Green coffee beans are put inside drum, through direct contact to it surface and hot air/ heated wave to 'cook'.
The coffee beans are roasted in the drum which is spinning through out the process.

There are still many ways of roast/cook the green coffee beans, such as; pan-fried, char coal fry, BBQ, micro wave oven and even pop-corn popper to 'cook' the green beans. You may try to steam or deep fried the green coffee beans if you wish.

As the heating elements and materials using are difference from each others, in which resulted in difference flavours and taste. No bluffing, with proper brewing, we could drink out to the roaster used. And, off course, this is 'particularly' for 'Discerning Coffee Drinker' such as those who could differentiate 'GOOD kopi Luwak' (wild Luwak ) from 'BAD and LOUSY, so called kopi luwak' ( caged cat ). For 'Ordinaly coffee Drinker' such as those who tasted and only know the 'caged cat kopi luwak' existed, This is merely a Mirage!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Geisha Panama/Colombia

Wonder What geisha coffee bean so famous of

Geisha from Colombia year 2011 vs Geisha from Panama ( not this year's harvest )

I shall tell you ^ ~^

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Best Coffee in the World!!

Long Berry Mandheling@first day

Pulp processed/Golden Mandheling @3rd weeks

Aged Mandheling@ 2nd weeks

A lots of people like to ask, what is the best coffee in the world??
I used to search for this coffee for quite some time, luwak, blue mountain, panama gheisa, hawaii cona, huila regions' estates/typica/arabica, puerto rico, nigaragua, estate/micro lot/premium beans etc..let alone illy coffee, peats from US, lavazza,..etc

After hundreds of difference single origins at differences degree of roasting and blended coffee, i found myself the answer to this very question!!

And the answer is.....there is NO so call the Best coffee in the World!!!

As coffee tree growing all over the world have developed their very own characters and taste due to differences climate, soil, water etc..they have yielded difference coffee cherry carried with unique taste, even in the same region, these coffee tree have gr owned into varieties.

So, some coffee are rich in chocolaty, some are fruity, some elegance like floral, where as some herbs and spicy.

Let me quote you a example, if the Japanese say they cook the best fish in the world, then, the people around the world would just snub ed and laughed as some of country offering fish that japanese don't even know the existence. If the japanese say they cook the best salmon fish in the world, then, countries such as Norway, France and italy would scorned and giggled. and off course, many countries will just keep quiet as they don't have salmon fish in their menu.

But, if the japanese say they serve best salmon sushi in the world, then, I think, other country will not object to it as we all know sushi is Japanese cuisine.

So, when come to coffee, you can't say fruity coffee is the best, nor rich and aromatic coffee is the best coffee off all the coffee.

But, I pretty sure that there is a best period to drink coffee, we might call it 'Prime Period'.
Difference coffee beans @ difference roasting degree developing difference tastes, body and aroma.

After roasting the beans, 3 days to 7th weeks, if you try to drink the coffee during these period, then, you can proclaim you are drinking the best period coffee.

And, as to what coffee beans start to drink on the 3rd day, what to start on the 2nd week??
That would be an other story..

Coffee beans after 8th weeks of roasted?? May be Rubosta or Liberica can do better....

Monday, February 7, 2011

Something beyond fresh roasted coffee beans!!!

Looking for something beyond fresh roasted coffee beans ?!

That's roast your own beans!!

Coffee bean to me, is like steak, you can make it rare (light roast), medium (medium roast) to well done (dark roast).

At difference degree of roasting, you can taste the difference aroma, body, finishing,taste, acidities, bitterness etc....

Even if at the same degree of roasting, the coffee bean keep devoloping from day to day, so, the vary complexities of the bean will emerge, if you brew a pack of very fresh roasted bean, you'll notice the changes.

After trying a numbles of diefference beans, I found some beans have better perfomance with hand raosting method, while some are excellence performance with roaster.

Can you tell what are the difference with these beans??

They are; Peaberry coffee green bean, Liberica coffee green bean, good grade coffee green and Premium grade green bean.

If you don't have the source to get good green beans, you may come to me : p
now I'm selling green beans as well.
From mass production green beans to estate and premium beans.
For people who looking something beyond buying fresh roasted beans from shops!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Caffeine Content

Some one told me that syphon brewed coffee contain more caffeine comparing to other brewed coffee using other method of coffee making, as syphon brewing method is directly boiling the coffee ground. And, Ice Drip coffee containt less caffeine comparing to any other coffee.

I grappled with these notion quite some time until I sent my coffee for the lab analyse, and that solved these puzzlement.

As the analyses tell, each cup of coffee each 100ml contain difference level of caffeine, the sequence as ;

No 1: Syphon Brewed coffee 0.060 gm of Caffeine
No 2: Coffee with Milk 0.100 gm of caffeine
no 3: Drip Coffee 0.110 gm of caffeine
no 4: Ice Drip coffee 0.240 gm of caffeine

So........., the proof is syphon brews the least caffeine contain coffee among others, the Kickestttt cup of coffee goes to ICE DRIP COFFEE!!!!

My conclusion; water temperature doesn't add to/ reduce of the caffeine in the cup while brewing coffee, the duration does!!!
So, French Press coffee will be on the top of caffeine ranking list other than ice drip (as in some cafe' such as StarBuck, they usualy steep the coffee for few minutes before serve to customers).

But, the question still ringging a bell!! Why a lot of people complaining espresso coffee is too strong for them while a cup of duoble shot espresso coffee contain merely 0.100 gm of coffeine!!
It's even less than a cup of 8 ounce 'brew of the day' in any cafe'!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blue Mountain Coffee

Blue Mountain, a nice name to name mountain, so, you can find ' Blue Mountain ' around the world , in the US, in Austraria and in Indonesia etc...
But, when people around the world talking about Blue Mountain coffee, they should be refering to that 'Blue Mountain' situated in the country of Jamaica.

But, not all the coffee bean from Jamaica Blue Mountain graded as 'Blue Mountain' coffee.

Coffee trees grown at the range between 910 m to 1,700 m could be called Jamaica Blue Mountain. Coffee grown at the range between 460 m to 910 m is called Jamaica High Mountain, and coffee grown below 460 m elevation is graded Jamaica Supreme or Jamaica Low Mountain.
Besides, Blue Mountain coffee beans futher categorized into a few catergories, no 1, no 2, no 3, peaberry, etc...

As I always get to know about this coffee through books, news paper, movies, stories, friends saying etc...and, every one seem's having their version of experinces, some says this coffee is simply excellence, some says this coffee is over boasted...

After trying the Blue Mountain beans from some of the roastry in Singapore, Australia and Taiwan, Finally, i got myself the opportunity to obtain difference catergories of these beans,
which i think is the highest quality blue mountain beans i have tried, thus far, and,
Off course, freshly roasted.

I took a couple of week trying out these beans, by comparison, I can notice the differences in between these beans. I Wouldn't say the tastes, the aroma, the characters, the body and the after taste vary so much in line with its prices, may be, I'm not up to the standard to tell the coffee prices yet, but, the prices do difference a lot.

If you ask me what's so special about these Blue Mountain beans?? I would say that Blue Mountain beans are all about fruitiness. As for me, High Mountain and Blue Mountain are both fruitiful coffee, sweet, sour and bitterness co-existed.

And, if you ask again, what's the difference since they all carrying all these taste??

I would quote you with a Citrus, a ripened Cheery and an Apple to reprsent each of them, and the slightly vary complexicy in between.

For me, they are really good coffee, even the High Mountain is a good cup to appreciate with!!!

Now started trying another Blue Mountain, it's from Wallen Ford Estate, said to be the most famous Estate in Jamaica..and the price, too Wink

It's difference from the rest I've had previously. The sour-sweet, not as spiky sour, broader body, more sweet than sour, slight betterness notice, it's prune like, not citrus type fruitiness.

My thought; the more these coffee I take, the less feel of 'minum kopi', now drinking coffee to me is like biting on fruit Grin.,guava, green apple, plume, prune, lemom...and sometime vineger and medicine Wink

Monday, December 21, 2009

See what's the differences??