Monday, February 7, 2011

Something beyond fresh roasted coffee beans!!!

Looking for something beyond fresh roasted coffee beans ?!

That's roast your own beans!!

Coffee bean to me, is like steak, you can make it rare (light roast), medium (medium roast) to well done (dark roast).

At difference degree of roasting, you can taste the difference aroma, body, finishing,taste, acidities, bitterness etc....

Even if at the same degree of roasting, the coffee bean keep devoloping from day to day, so, the vary complexities of the bean will emerge, if you brew a pack of very fresh roasted bean, you'll notice the changes.

After trying a numbles of diefference beans, I found some beans have better perfomance with hand raosting method, while some are excellence performance with roaster.

Can you tell what are the difference with these beans??

They are; Peaberry coffee green bean, Liberica coffee green bean, good grade coffee green and Premium grade green bean.

If you don't have the source to get good green beans, you may come to me : p
now I'm selling green beans as well.
From mass production green beans to estate and premium beans.
For people who looking something beyond buying fresh roasted beans from shops!!