Sunday, April 24, 2011

Best Coffee in the World!!

Long Berry Mandheling@first day

Pulp processed/Golden Mandheling @3rd weeks

Aged Mandheling@ 2nd weeks

A lots of people like to ask, what is the best coffee in the world??
I used to search for this coffee for quite some time, luwak, blue mountain, panama gheisa, hawaii cona, huila regions' estates/typica/arabica, puerto rico, nigaragua, estate/micro lot/premium beans etc..let alone illy coffee, peats from US, lavazza,..etc

After hundreds of difference single origins at differences degree of roasting and blended coffee, i found myself the answer to this very question!!

And the answer is.....there is NO so call the Best coffee in the World!!!

As coffee tree growing all over the world have developed their very own characters and taste due to differences climate, soil, water etc..they have yielded difference coffee cherry carried with unique taste, even in the same region, these coffee tree have gr owned into varieties.

So, some coffee are rich in chocolaty, some are fruity, some elegance like floral, where as some herbs and spicy.

Let me quote you a example, if the Japanese say they cook the best fish in the world, then, the people around the world would just snub ed and laughed as some of country offering fish that japanese don't even know the existence. If the japanese say they cook the best salmon fish in the world, then, countries such as Norway, France and italy would scorned and giggled. and off course, many countries will just keep quiet as they don't have salmon fish in their menu.

But, if the japanese say they serve best salmon sushi in the world, then, I think, other country will not object to it as we all know sushi is Japanese cuisine.

So, when come to coffee, you can't say fruity coffee is the best, nor rich and aromatic coffee is the best coffee off all the coffee.

But, I pretty sure that there is a best period to drink coffee, we might call it 'Prime Period'.
Difference coffee beans @ difference roasting degree developing difference tastes, body and aroma.

After roasting the beans, 3 days to 7th weeks, if you try to drink the coffee during these period, then, you can proclaim you are drinking the best period coffee.

And, as to what coffee beans start to drink on the 3rd day, what to start on the 2nd week??
That would be an other story..

Coffee beans after 8th weeks of roasted?? May be Rubosta or Liberica can do better....

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