Friday, December 9, 2011

Cupped to the roaster

Fresh Roast SR 500, a typical hot air blower roaster,
where coffee green beans are blown to 'cooked'.
This is a very good design roaster, off which using simple heating element that generated up to 220c degree of hot air blowing green beans to roasted beans.

Hot-top Roaster, a heater roaster using iron bar to heat up temperature and sending out heat wave to 'cook' green beans.
Green coffee beans are roasted by its heated air/wave, baked, partially through the contact to the surface of its metal drum.

Direct fire roaster, in which flame is burning drum directly under.
Green coffee beans are put inside drum, through direct contact to it surface and hot air/ heated wave to 'cook'.
The coffee beans are roasted in the drum which is spinning through out the process.

There are still many ways of roast/cook the green coffee beans, such as; pan-fried, char coal fry, BBQ, micro wave oven and even pop-corn popper to 'cook' the green beans. You may try to steam or deep fried the green coffee beans if you wish.

As the heating elements and materials using are difference from each others, in which resulted in difference flavours and taste. No bluffing, with proper brewing, we could drink out to the roaster used. And, off course, this is 'particularly' for 'Discerning Coffee Drinker' such as those who could differentiate 'GOOD kopi Luwak' (wild Luwak ) from 'BAD and LOUSY, so called kopi luwak' ( caged cat ). For 'Ordinaly coffee Drinker' such as those who tasted and only know the 'caged cat kopi luwak' existed, This is merely a Mirage!!


  1. Be aware of 'enemy' !

  2. I just love the post! The way you write is amazing. I like to drink coffee infact i take it daily. I love kopi luwak. A sip of this drink will leave you intrigued. It is rich and exotic in flavor. It also possesses a musty, earthy taste with a slight hint of syrupy smoothness. The fact that the beans originate from an animal is a unique factor to consider.
    Kopi Luwak

  3. Hi, do u know where I can buy Fresh Roast SR500 in Penang?