Saturday, October 10, 2009

Qualita Oro, LAVAZZA's bean

Lavazza, Qualita Oro. Labelled as 100% arabica, come in 250gm pack of beans. Let see what's it! Emm, look is woodsy and natural, but, smell a bit of plum and earthy.

Let's try brewing with 24gm. Grouded into this fine, using Hario MCA 3 Syphon with 360cc of filter water.

Normal way of brewing, water temperature is about

87 degree of Celsius. Water staying for a bout 20's.

30's after, look at the leftover.

A bit dry, with little creammy scum.

Finaly, a freshly brewed of Qualita Oro!

Let's 'gulp'!!


Taste just like it smells. Aromatic, plummy, erthy,sweet and sour....n.....longggggggg aroma after bitter taste..

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