Thursday, October 29, 2009

The most original/real/trued taste of Kopi Luwak ....

" Kopi Luwak " / 'Civet Cat's Coffee', or Animal Coffee,

is the most talked and expensive coffee. Many people, who'd tried it, majority of them can't really tell how's the taste, what's so special and how it really is, and, would say it doesn't desever the money.

I've tried 5 types of 'so call' Kopi Luwak, which come in difference packaging of difference companies, and, i can tell you that they are all difference from each other; and, I still can't make up my mind which one is the genuine 'Kopi Luwak'.

But, the price still maintain 'Mountainous High' for all the while.

After much of the curious talks and quetions, I decided to go after this legend

Than, I planned one trip for this 'legendary' journey.

After went through some special 'arrangement' in indonesia.
I got myself the opportunity to come close to this true.
And, it's still fresh !!

According to the coffee company, as the bean of 'kopi luwak' is limited souce, so, the quantity of fresh bean they can obtain is limited regardless of thier company size.

So, this the amount they reaped in for this time, a fews of Kg, they put it under the sun to dry it, natural process, according to them.

A couples kgs of fresh bean,
included mud, twigs and ssssshitsss!!!

Let's have a close-up

After so much talks about this 'legend',
at last, I have this opportunity to try it real fresh, and, I should be able to tell you all the genuine and the true taste of 'Kopi Luwak' after this!!
Let taste it!!!
Errrrrr, ,,,
Sorryyyyy...... to let you know that...i don't have the guttt.. to taste it..
Sorryyyy, dear friends, I still can't tell you the genuine and the real taste of 'kopi luwak'
but, it does smell a bit shitty...

It's not as smell as bad like those of cat, though.

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