Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kopi Luwak 2

I had a disheartened week after brought back these beans of Kopi Luwak from Indonesia.

I was saddened by its normal taste and plain character the first week I tried, it's pure and clean, though.

I almost come to curse these freshly roasted and overrated beans!

But, wait a minute!! it's fresh,and it could be too fresh to brew for its development is yet to complete its course.

So, I took 4 weeks finished trying these beans,

First week, I had to keep it to myself, as it's normal and plain.

Second week, the character was formed, sweetness tasted, pure and crispy. Pleasant after taste.

Third week, smooth, straight, neat and full body, mouth watering after taste, sensed of fully developed, tinge of fruitiness, like an ripened apple.

Fourth week, smooth and matured, sweet and tinge of cherry. Aftertaste like eating a sheer ripe fruit, pleasant!

And, after finished trying it, I've found a new way to brew it, it's the best way to brew these Kopi Luwak, I think : p , let's see what's the difference!

These beans appeared a bit darker, smelled rich and chocolaty.

I grounded into this size.

Slow boiling pace.

A moderato stay, near to stewing it

Look, rusult shows, creamy leftover,

Scummy surface. Yap, it's kind of 'turkish' coffee!

With a litte bit of scum soaked into the soup!

The locals of indonesia used to make this kind of coffee, directly boiled it, and drink it togather.

But, to me, just don't make it too much and over cooked, as this type can get it wrong easily.
See, the coffee cream maintained, hence, the aroma retained, I think.
and looks smooth, gloss and fine!

Now, it's a ready cup of Kopi Luwak!

The much talked and the Most Expensive Coffee in the World!
( Expensive because of much talked, or much talked because of expensive??)


After 7 types of its kind, I like this coffee much.

But, don't ask me what price it deserved, it is expensive, indeed!


  1. can we try kopi luwak by the cup at coffee lane now? cos i think when i was there last week, only the coffee beans were sold right?
    curious to try out this kopi luwak!

  2. Oops, Ling, the beans is meant for sell by cups, and the beans being sold is because it's good to finish it within few weeks.
    Now, we've just sold out all the kopi luwak, and it's the 'Blue Mountain' of Jamaica stands the best brew of coffee lane.

  3. It was like RM10.00 for a tiny cup half the size from our coffee shop. But it was worth it.