Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blue Mountain Coffee

Blue Mountain, a nice name to name mountain, so, you can find ' Blue Mountain ' around the world , in the US, in Austraria and in Indonesia etc...
But, when people around the world talking about Blue Mountain coffee, they should be refering to that 'Blue Mountain' situated in the country of Jamaica.

But, not all the coffee bean from Jamaica Blue Mountain graded as 'Blue Mountain' coffee.

Coffee trees grown at the range between 910 m to 1,700 m could be called Jamaica Blue Mountain. Coffee grown at the range between 460 m to 910 m is called Jamaica High Mountain, and coffee grown below 460 m elevation is graded Jamaica Supreme or Jamaica Low Mountain.
Besides, Blue Mountain coffee beans futher categorized into a few catergories, no 1, no 2, no 3, peaberry, etc...

As I always get to know about this coffee through books, news paper, movies, stories, friends saying etc...and, every one seem's having their version of experinces, some says this coffee is simply excellence, some says this coffee is over boasted...

After trying the Blue Mountain beans from some of the roastry in Singapore, Australia and Taiwan, Finally, i got myself the opportunity to obtain difference catergories of these beans,
which i think is the highest quality blue mountain beans i have tried, thus far, and,
Off course, freshly roasted.

I took a couple of week trying out these beans, by comparison, I can notice the differences in between these beans. I Wouldn't say the tastes, the aroma, the characters, the body and the after taste vary so much in line with its prices, may be, I'm not up to the standard to tell the coffee prices yet, but, the prices do difference a lot.

If you ask me what's so special about these Blue Mountain beans?? I would say that Blue Mountain beans are all about fruitiness. As for me, High Mountain and Blue Mountain are both fruitiful coffee, sweet, sour and bitterness co-existed.

And, if you ask again, what's the difference since they all carrying all these taste??

I would quote you with a Citrus, a ripened Cheery and an Apple to reprsent each of them, and the slightly vary complexicy in between.

For me, they are really good coffee, even the High Mountain is a good cup to appreciate with!!!

Now started trying another Blue Mountain, it's from Wallen Ford Estate, said to be the most famous Estate in Jamaica..and the price, too Wink

It's difference from the rest I've had previously. The sour-sweet, not as spiky sour, broader body, more sweet than sour, slight betterness notice, it's prune like, not citrus type fruitiness.

My thought; the more these coffee I take, the less feel of 'minum kopi', now drinking coffee to me is like biting on fruit Grin.,guava, green apple, plume, prune, lemom...and sometime vineger and medicine Wink

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