Friday, January 14, 2011

Caffeine Content

Some one told me that syphon brewed coffee contain more caffeine comparing to other brewed coffee using other method of coffee making, as syphon brewing method is directly boiling the coffee ground. And, Ice Drip coffee containt less caffeine comparing to any other coffee.

I grappled with these notion quite some time until I sent my coffee for the lab analyse, and that solved these puzzlement.

As the analyses tell, each cup of coffee each 100ml contain difference level of caffeine, the sequence as ;

No 1: Syphon Brewed coffee 0.060 gm of Caffeine
No 2: Coffee with Milk 0.100 gm of caffeine
no 3: Drip Coffee 0.110 gm of caffeine
no 4: Ice Drip coffee 0.240 gm of caffeine

So........., the proof is syphon brews the least caffeine contain coffee among others, the Kickestttt cup of coffee goes to ICE DRIP COFFEE!!!!

My conclusion; water temperature doesn't add to/ reduce of the caffeine in the cup while brewing coffee, the duration does!!!
So, French Press coffee will be on the top of caffeine ranking list other than ice drip (as in some cafe' such as StarBuck, they usualy steep the coffee for few minutes before serve to customers).

But, the question still ringging a bell!! Why a lot of people complaining espresso coffee is too strong for them while a cup of duoble shot espresso coffee contain merely 0.100 gm of coffeine!!
It's even less than a cup of 8 ounce 'brew of the day' in any cafe'!!!

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  1. Excellent post! Can you please do a test for french press coffee? Many people say that french press coffee has the most caffeine, but I'm not sure.

    I usually drink syphon in the morning and french press in the afternoon. I can't feel much difference.